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Health Benefits of wearing gold jewelry

Gold is one of the most expensive and oldest forms of metal discovered by humans.

Gold is one of the most expensive and oldest forms of metal discovered by humans. It lures people and is used by men & women to adorn themselves. It is considered to be a luxury metal.

Gold symbolizes wealth, prosperity, power, status and also fashion statements. Gold wedding rings for women are quite popular as compared to platinum rings when it comes to engagement rings. It is one of the most liquid forms of assets and is easy to possess. For years, gold is considered to be a symbol of social status.

It is said that in ancient times, gold had medicinal properties and was used as a healing substance. In the olden times, kings and affluents used gold and silver c]ulery to eat food and store water. This was done so because of the many health benefits of that precious metal. 

Till today it is believed that gold has positive effects on humans and usage of the metal leads to the well-being of a person. However, none of this is proved to be scientifically true with facts or figures but believed by people. Also, there have been no side effects of the metal and it is considered to be a non-toxic metal. Therefore usage and possession of the metal have always proved to be beneficial for individuals. 

It is known to have spiritual powers that can bring happiness, peace, prosperity & stability. 

Some of the benefits of wearing gold ornaments are listed below:

  • Gold reduces stress & anxiety

Gold is known to boost energy and confidence. Wearing elegant jewelry not only makes you look good but also increases your emotional well-being and reduces stress. It gives you confidence as it draws a lot of attention. Wearing gold jewelry enhances your mood and is known to be a de-stressor. Gold also heals the nervous system.

  • Regulates body temperature

Gold is known to regulate body temperature and control mechanisms. It boosts immunity as well. This is because the immune system works well in a regular body temperature. It protects the body from changes in the external environment which are caused due to fluctuations in the environmental temperature. 

  • Blood Circulation

Gold improves blood circulation. It regulates the flow of oxygen in the body thereby improving the flow of blood in the body. This reduces the risk of heart diseases. Blood circulation is very critical for the smooth functioning of the body and hence many people wear gold jewelry permanently on their bodies.

  • Gold treats symptoms of Arthritis

It is said that wearing a pure 24 Carat gold directly on the skin is known to reduce pain and other symptoms which are caused by issues in Arthritis. Many regulatory authorities have carried out research on this topic and have come to the conclusion that wearing gold reduces issues with arthritis and have recommended this as a solution for people with arthritis issues. 

  • Gold balances energy

Gold is known to increase positivity energy and therefore it counterbalances the body cells which release various energy. Wearing your favorite piece of metal helps you heal faster from negative energy in the environment. 

  • Improves overall well-being

Gold has positive energies and it is known to cheer you with. It brings warmth and relaxes your blood vessels. It is known to boost oxygen distribution in the body and this increases your mental stability, energy and gives control over your emotions. 

  • Gold reduces soreness & wounds

It is said that when gold is applied to sore areas or wounds, it prevents infection and also helps to heal quickly. This was done in ancient times and still considered to be a good treatment for reducing soreness & wounds. Applying gold to affected areas helps to increase blood circulation which in turn regulates oxygen flow and blood cells which helps heals faster. 

  • Gold helps fight infections

Gold is known to boost immunity which helps to fight against cold & flu. It has positively charged ions which helps to fight against bacteria. Therefore, gold reduces to fight against infections. 

  •  Mood enhancer

Gold jewelry is the prized possession of all the ladies, the more gold they have, the happier they are. That’s the best and most exciting gift you can give to any woman. That will not only make them happy but will also cheer them up.

  • ¬†Good for skin

Gold keeps your skin healthy. There are lots of beauty products available in the market which claim to have a presence of gold. It keeps your skin radiant, shining and beautiful. Wearing pure gold jewelry has proven to have positive effects on skin. 

Therefore, next time while buying gold jewelry, it is critical that one must consider the purity of the metal and pick the right one as it is a long term investment and has multiple health benefits. Gold is the purest form and is considered to be the best investment tool with added health benefits as listed above.

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