Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

How to Combine Long-Sleeved Shirts to Always Look Fashionable

Long-sleeved shirts for women are a basic garment that reinvents itself, learn to combine it with these current fashion tips and reinvent your casual outfits.

On the coldest days, t-shirts are an ally of man. In addition to keeping us warmer, it brings a touch of personality to the look. If you buy something through juice wrld merch, we may earn a commission. We have different varities of vlone long sleeve shirt with different color and designs.

Fashion is populated with classic staples, and women’s long-sleeved t-shirts fall into this category. They can always get you out of trouble, believe it, so here are some tips on how to combine long-sleeved shirts to always look fashionable and according to current trends.

1.Wear them Under Strappy Midi Dresses

Yes, jeans and t-shirts are a perfect duo, but somewhat predictable, so dare to innovate. A trend seen in the street style of 2020 is to wear long-sleeved shirts under midi strap dresses.

If you think it is a risky look, think that this year and for 2021 the grunge style is back. And what in the nineties seemed to be a misaligned outfit, today is synonymous with inventive sophistication.

2. Wear them with Pencil Denim Skirts

An alternative option to the popular outfit of pleated skirts with printed shirts, so celebrated since 2019, is to wear one made up of a long-sleeved shirt with a pencil skirt, a garment adored by celebrities such as vlone long sleeve shirt.

Remember that the pencil skirt is flattering to the curves of Latinas and that if you use one made of denim you will give a casual touch to your daily look. For this combination, don’t forget to tuck in your long-sleeved shirt and you will create the effect of a smaller waist.

3. Combine them with Skinny Jeans or Leggings

We know it well, wide pants are imposed as a trend among famous women and you will wear them too because they are great. But wait, in the case of long-sleeved shirts, it is preferable to wear them with skinny jeans or leggings.

This to balance the proportion and not look too wide. To combine the black long-sleeved t-shirts with skinny jeans, don’t forget to also bring chelsea boots or the fashionable track boots.

If you prefer to wear long-sleeved shirts with leggings, which are perfect for five days a week, choose shirts that are not so long as to completely cover your hips.

4. To avoid Getting Cold, Wear them with Coats and Jackets

Nothing better than long-sleeved shirts for the cold, which are perfect to wear under your autumn and winter coats and jackets.

If layering is not your thing, of which we have given you the right tips, and you prefer to go lighter, a long-sleeved t-shirt and your favorite jacket or coat, whether white or animal print, will suffice. The juice wrld merch will make you ‘like the wind to vlone long sleeve shirt., and you will look casual and fashionable, as is your style, even on relaxing days at home.

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