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How To Shop For Best Solitaires Online

Shopping for diamonds is not a simple task to do. Even though you know what

Shopping for diamonds is not a simple task to do. Even though you know what to look for, before buying diamond jewellery with the exhaustive list, it is still possible that you may end up with a diamond that is of poor quality. With so many options out there, it seems very difficult to find. Fret not! Here is a guide to help you choose the best of diamond jewellery online at the same time ensuring that they are real diamonds and not stones. 

The Sparkle and Shine

Before buying diamonds it is important to do your own research and have a list of important things you want to consider like carat, cut and clarity. Once you have established the basics right, you can take a look at the designs and make your decision on which one you want to buy. There are so many designs available online and it may even be more than what you get to see at the stores. Another advantage is that you can keep looking at the designs back and forth as much as your heart wants without worrying about the time it is taking. Please install the Mellora appto check out some stunning designs on the diamond jewellery. There are so many to look at that you will be spoilt for choice.

Quality and Pricing

What are some of the important points apart from cut, clarity and carat that we should look into? There are some diamonds that display patterns on them. The quality of diamonds has a major role to play in the price of the diamonds. Unless you set a budget beforehand, it will be very difficult to choose one and you will end up feeling disappointed at not being able to afford them. This does not mean you need to compromise on the quality. You could go for a lesser carat instead and choose your favourite jewellery.  It is okay to compromise on carat rather than cut as a poorly cut diamond ruin the entire look of the jewellery. So instead of going for 0.5-carat solitaire earrings, you could choose a 0.2 carat to reduce the price rather than compromise on cut or quality. 


Diamonds have certification to assure the buyer of the quality. The certificate of authenticity ensures that the diamonds you are buying are graded on the basis of the 4Cs and whether it is sourced ethically. The certificate also mentions the weight of the diamond and whether it is formed from a natural source. Therefore, the certificate is proof that the diamond you are buying is authentic and real. You reduce your risk majorly if you are able to verify the original authenticity certification. The certificate will also come in to help in future when you are looking to buy a different design in exchange for the existing design.

Dealer Dilemma

A reputed dealer who has stores offline is more likely to have an online presence too. Therefore, it is best to go for someone who is dependable and has been in business for a long time. They sell diamonds with certificates and make it easy for you when you want to change it later. You can also check the reviews from the website to get an understanding of how the jewellery quality is.  

Diamond shopping online is fun and with proper tips at hand, get those perfect shining sparkling beauties and watch your loved one match up to it. With a little bit of understanding and vigilance, it is a very simple task to buy diamonds online.

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