Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Revival of Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs

Growing up in an Indian household, every girl has fond memories of stories they have heard from their maternal or paternal grandmother about the exquisite jewellery that was born by our ancestors over a century ago. Despite it being extremely common back in the day, age-old or traditional jewellery is somehow lost among all the modern and contemporary design that has taken over all our lives. Traditional gold jewellery designs worn by our ancestors is almost equal to a historical art form which is getting lost along with the skilled artisans who are behind them.

This growing gap has fortunately been noticed by certain jewellers who are going out of their way to revive the traditional gold jewellery designs that are such an important part of our history and heritage. They are indulging with artisans who are skilled in such intricate design making and are doing their best to bring this forgotten art for our generation. We have explored some of these jewellery art forms and listed them down for you as well. We hope this is a great window to your past and encourages you to learn more along the way.

  • Thewa jewellery – this traditional art of thewa jewellery dates back to about 450 years ago. It consists of a silver wire which forms the basic shape of the jewellery. It is then incorporated with a gold sheet which is then carved into designs and inscriptions. The final outcome also has multi-coloured glass to help the entire jewellery piece shine through. There are about eleven people existing today who are skilled in this form of jewellery making and have been doing it for years now as a family business. The next time you are enquiring about the rate of gold to get a beautiful jewellery piece made for yourself or for gifting purpose, you may want to check out this unique form of art and get something exquisite for yourself.
  • Bidri jewellery – this style of jewellery making was developed in the 14th century CE and has been heavily inspired by traditional Persian art. The best part about this art is that it is still carried out in the same region of bidar where it first came into existence years ago. This kind of jewellery making has a very unique making process which involves a lot of science and soil of the bidar region. If you are or know someone who is looking at a jewellery gift for girlfriend then you can check out this unique form of jewellery. It makes for a very special and rare gift which your girlfriend will always hold close to her heart.
  • Gajra jewellery – this form of jewellery making which originated about 250 years ago in the region of Gujarat, is made in a very unique manner and is a tribute to the culture and heritage of the region.

A lot of modern jewellers are taking inspiration from such ancient style of jewellery making and really trying to bring a slice of the past in the present.

We really hope this small effort on our part towards bring to the forefront the traditional gold jewellery design adorned by our ancestors has been of interest to you. There is so much more to learn beyond what we have listed here because ours is a country that is full of such rich culture, heritage and art which we all must strive to learn about. If you have enjoyed reading this we urge you to share it with a friend and spread the beauty that is our heritage and history.

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