Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Warm trendy accessories: Tune the outfit with a Muffler

The winter months have taken the floor, so warm winter accessories in the form of hats, mufflers and gloves are in place. They are not only practical but also stylish. Sometimes it fine-tunes your outfit. See how!

Woolen muffler for men is one of the best accessories for men. They are elegant, expressive and also practical. However, a problem can arise when choosing a muffler. It is necessary to consider which size, material and, last but not least, color to choose. So how do you choose the perfect muffler?

Muffler width and length 

The men’s muffler should be between 20 and 35 cm wide. But the width of the muffler is not as important as its length. The length should be around 160-180 cm, because this length is sufficient for playing with knots. So be careful and choose a muffler long enough.     

Muffler material

Do you buy only one muffler? Does it necessarily have to be woolen? Wool is, of course, a good choice, but we should not neglect mufflers made of cotton, viscose, acrylic and other materials, which are often worn better than wool and, most importantly, do not cause biting or itching . That’s what you should be most concerned about. Believe me, there is nothing more annoying. If you do not look at the price of the muffler, then there is only one right choice, a cashmere muffler – it will last for ages, it is extremely soft, pleasant to the touch, airy and at the same time it can heat reliably. 

The already mentioned viscose mufflers are the golden. Such a muffler is very pleasant to the touch; it reliably warms up and does not bite.   

Muffler color

Last but not least, it depends on the color of the muffler. Here, however, opinions may differ based on subjective taste. Therefore, we would like to recommend only the following:

  • give it to your taste (the most important thing is that you like the muffler), 
  • if you are unsure of the color, choose more subtle patterns,
  • the same rule applies to introverted types of men (a distinctive muffler attracts more attention),
  • patterns and happier colors are more suitable for younger men. 

The one-color look always looks elegant, especially if you dare to outfit in white. We also recommend it to older women, who will literally get younger in white. The model is perfectly underlined by a white woolen muffler for ladies with a decent cube.

Many women often dress in black, which is always a guarantee that they feel slimmer. And why not, even a dark outfit looks stylish and trendy. All you have to do is put on a knitted dress, put on your lace-up shoes and throw on a quilted shiny jacket that will attract attention on its own. For this combination, choose accessories with stones that will soften and cheer up the black a bit.

A bet on security that will not spoil anything? The black and white game of contrasts has never disappointed in fashion. So if you don’t feel like paints get a universal hat and muffler for any outfit.

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