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Which Braun Series is the best

Braun is a German brand and is one of the leading brands of electric shavers in the market. High comfort and closeness of shaving are the principal benefits of Braun shavers. Moreover, the high performance and durability of Braun shavers have also made them highly popular among men. Models of electric shavers coming under various series have a number of differences. Here we will look at the features of Braun 3, 7 and 9 series of electric shavers. And help you choose which one is best trimmer for men in india.

Braun 3 Series Review

Braun 3 Series is made of 3 models of electric shavers; 3080s, 3040s and 3050cc. There are few differences between the models, even though the overall performance is almost similar.

3080s is suitable for both wet and dry shaving. It is equipped with a precision mode for effectively shaving the tricky areas of the face, such as the area under the nose. 3040s is the same as 3080s in all aspects except that it does not have precision mode. 3050cc cannot be used for wet shaving and does not have a precision mode. Instead, it has an automatic cleaning dock.

Braun 3 Series models have a textured rubber grip that allows firm hold even when your hands are wet. A shaver head replacement timer is present, which activates when you start using it. The indicator panel glows when the time comes to replace the shaver head, usually after 18 months. The power button is present on the front face of the unit in the middle.

Braun 3 Series models are highly affordable. They do not match the performance of high-end models, but the features are good for the price.

Braun 7 Series Review

Braun 7 Series comes in 7071cc and 7075cc models. The body is made of plastic which is sturdy and light in weight. The rubberised grip on the perimeter provides a good grip. The shaving head consists of two foils and a central trimmer. The 360-degree swivel head enables it to close shave as per the contours of the face. The auto-detection feature automatically adapts the shaver to the length of the beard. Auto-cleaning station comes with the unit. It enables easy maintenance. The cleaning cartridge inside the auto-cleaning station contains alcohol solution, which cleans and lubricates the shaver’s blades.

The running time of a Braun 7 Series shaver is 50 minutes on a full charge. It takes an hour to go from zero to full charge. The curl cord charger is short in length.

Braun 7 Series includes the following models.

  • 799cc-6 can be used with foam
  • 799cc-7 has a feature called turbo cutting which increases cutting speed by 12%
  • 790cc-4 has all features of Braun 7 Series but cannot be used with foam
  • 760cc-4 has a cleaning dock without automatic clean
  • 720s-4 does not have a cleaning dock

Braun 9 Series Review

Braun 9095Cc of Braun 9 Series is suitable for both dry and wet shave. Braun intelligent sonic technology vibrates the blades at a rate of 40,000 per minute, which enables close shaving. The blades are designed to remove all kinds of facial hair. The cleaning station not only cleans and lubricates the blades but also charges the shaver. An in-built fan dries the blades after cleaning. The shaver comes with a travel case.

The price of the Braun 9 Series 9095Cc shaver is around $250. This is an expensive but high-grade electric shaver.

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