Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

An Overview about GB Whatsapp

GB whatsapp download 2018, is this new version of Whatsapp you might be seriously thinking about? This is a modified version of Whatsapp and before you download it on Android app there are some pointers you need to be aware.

More about GB Whatsapp

Ideally, this is a clone of the original WhatsApp with modified features or settings. Pretty much as you’re standard WhatsApp it works as modifications have taken place it is not available on Google play store. You need to download it from the original website in the form of a. APK file.

In order to install this app you need to allow installation from unknown sources. This can be undertaken from the security and then the option of settings in your phone.  Even on the internet there is a lot of information available on how to download and install GB whatsapp on your Android device.

This is modelled on the original whatsapp and even the same server. The features along with customization have been added on to the top layer of whatsapp but in order to send and receive messages; still GB whatsapp relies on the original server. Still it is not going to pose any problem for your device but when it is for sensitive data always stick to the use of original whatsapp. The recommendation is not to use GB whatsapp.

In fact whatsapp along with GB whatsapp are the same in terms of interface, features, installation or be it sending or receiving messages. The difference lies in the hacks or the additional set of features provided by GB whatsapp. Once again if you are a user who needs to be dealing with sensitive data then do not use GB whatsapp.

Once you are planning to install GB whatsapp you have to follow the instructions process manually. This means that the original process of downloading Whatsapp is really easy and if you do not possess technical knowledge do not use this app.

Is it possible to disable WhatsApp calls on WhatsApp GB?

On the top right hand corner there are three dots and you need to tap on it. Move over to the GB settings option, flip on to other modes and then disable the voice calls options. The moment you are going to select three options are likely to appear in front of you

  • You can enable all calls
  • The calls can be blocked where you might not show the ring option to the other person
  • Block calls with showing the ring option to the other person

The onus is on you to select the option you want

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