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Everything you need to Know about Tableau

Tableau Origin Tableau is robust software known for rendering the optimum business intelligence to emerging

Tableau Origin

Tableau is robust software known for rendering the optimum business intelligence to emerging companies with its unique data visualization features that transforms the complex Data sheets into easy to understand visuals, graphs and statistics. With in-built dashboards and connectors, this software application helps business leaders make smart decisions faster.

The software was originated in 2003 by Chris Stole, Christian Chabot and Pat Hanrahan. It has headquarters in Seattle. Gartner has recognized Tableau

What does is Do?

Tableau empowers users with intuitive business intelligence statistics. With simple drag-and-drop features, users easily access insightful reports, visualizations and share mission-oriented suggestions and improvements in business progress.

Offerings by Tableau

There are mainly three Tableau products that offer the requisite intelligence powered by smart and intuitive visuals:

  1. Tableau Desktop: Creates insightful reports with disparate data in a few clicks.
  2. Tableau Server: Helps Users in sharing the insightful reports created in Desktop or directly in Tableau Server.
  3. Tableau Online: Online version of Tableau Server is hosted on cloud and saves a lot of time and money used in hardware setup.

Tableau Features

Apart from its powerful data drilling and visualization features, there’s a lot more to look up to in this robust software:

Data Connection: Unlike other Business Intelligence software, Tableau can easily connect to numerous connectors without any special programming both live and in-memory. Also, it is robust enough to send immediate alerts to the user in case the connection fails.

Data Safety: It renders complete security while sharing data from the creator’s to explorer’s platform.

Responsiveness: Again, unlike other BI software Tableau is efficiently mobile-friendly and empowers users to create, edit or share reports on mobile only.

Dashboards: Tableau’s embedded smart dashboards help leaders analyze reports based on their query questions on the go. This helps in making quick business decisions.

Drag-and-Drop Data: By simply drag and drop facility, the data can be transferred to the software easily without any hassle for better readability and analysis. There’s absolutely no manual effort required to make the visualizations.

Tableau Subscription and Licenses

Just like other software, Tableau Software in India too can be purchased as per month/ annual subscription. There are three licenses available to bring Tableau software in use:

  1. Tableau Creator License: It helps users to assemble the disparate data into intuitive and insightful visuals.
  2. Tableau Explorer License: It helps in sharing the intuitive reports to leaders or heads of the company.
  3. Tableau Viewer License: Just when the reports reach their target, Viewer License helps to analyze, make edits or make decisions based on the reports.

The complete Tableau price list of Licenses is as follow:

Type of License Per user per Month Cost Annual Cost
Creator License $70 $840
Explorer License $42 $504
Viewer License $15 $180


Tableau is the next-gen business intelligence software and surely capable of taking business to the next level by rendering insightful reports. Analyzing volumes of data through excel sheet otherwise is a tiresome task with minimum data accuracy and reliability. Tableau’s unique features definitely make it a ‘Leading product’ in Business Intelligence.

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