Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Here Is How Incredible Selfie Phone Are Changing Your Lifestyle

Ever since selfie phones were first introduced, they’ve become an indispensable part of the smartphone’s feature-set. Manufacturers take great pains to ensure that their phones with best camera under 15000 INR are at-par with current market demands. It’s reached a point where selfie cameras are almost equivalent to primary rear cameras in terms of picture quality.

It’s clear that selfie cameras are an important aspect of the pleasure of owning a smartphone. Some would argue that it’s made significant strides to the extent that they’ve changed users’ lifestyles.

Would the argument hold water, and is there some substance to this theory? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why the humble selfie camera has had a huge impact on our lifestyle.

Impact of Social Media

The selfie camera trend caught on once social media became the centre of online interactions. Taking pictures and sharing them with family and friends online became a fun interaction among users. This is where the need for a good camera was really felt. Taking self-photos with the rear camera was both an inconvenience and a hassle because the pictures would never come out the way you’d intend it to. Lo-and-behold, the selfie camera was born.

Soon enough, people found them intuitively easier to use and just couldn’t figure out why someone hadn’t thought of it earlier. Taking perfect clicks and immediately sharing them on social media became a practice that people of all ages enjoyed. This resulted in spending a significantly longer time not just sharing selfie pics but also viewing other profiles and pictures. 

The Holiday Factor

As much as people like going on holidays, the joy of taking selfies while on holiday brings  pleasure to the heart. Selfie cameras offer the option to take not only self-pictures but also pictures of landmarks, special sites, and other holiday destinations with the user in full sight.

This trend caught on like wildfire to the jealousy or pleasure of the intended viewer (usually family and friends). Holidays soon went from being a once a year affair to a symbol of a happy and content life. If you went to Paris and took a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, well then it must be believed that you have a very content lifestyle. 

Celebrities Taking Selfies

If the statement “celebrities set lifestyle trends” is to be believed, then selfies should be one of the motivations for this to be true. Social media gave celebrities a great way to connect with the masses. What better way to say hello than post a selfie with a status every once in a while? If a celebrity wanted to promote an idea or reach out to their fan base with a concern that they had, a selfie would be a great way to let your fans know how you feel.

Take, for example, the Make in India campaign, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi got Indians to participate in the India wide campaign. Many Indians got involved by taking selfies with their made in India phones and shared it online.Taking a selfie has become a great way to connect with the masses and show the real side of your personality.

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