Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

How Much Does it Cost for iPhone Insurance Plans in India?

During the release of their first fiscal quarter sales results of 2020, the CEO of

During the release of their first fiscal quarter sales results of 2020, the CEO of Apple declared that the company witnessed a double-digit growth rate in emerging markets in several countries, including India. Moreover, analysts at techARCH recently stated that the total number of iPhone users in our country was estimated to be around 12 million as in December 2019.

The above data indicates that the number of smartphone users in India who are switching to iPhones are on the rise. However, compared to its Android counterparts, purchase, as well as repair costs on iPhones is significantly higher.

Hence, for those who own such an Apple product or are looking forward to purchasing one, it is advised to learn about availing iPhone insurance in India.

What is the cost for iPhone insurance policy in India?

The cost of an iPhone insurance plan primarily depends on the insurance provider and the part of the smartphone being insured under the said policy. The most important feature of Apple iPhone insurance in India is its coverage of repair costs against damage to the smartphone screen.

Neither Apple nor any other smartphone manufacturing company in our country offers coverage against damaged display screens under their warranty plans. In most cases, an iPhone user needs to pay for the repair or replacement costs of his or her smartphone screen even if the warranty period is still active.

Why is it important to avail iPhone insurance in India?

Similar to any other electronic gadget, hardware and software issues in an iPhone or any smartphone are a common occurrence. A hard fall and spillage of fluids can lead to severe harm, and in various cases, permanent damage to your smartphone.

Moreover, smartphones have evolved from an item of luxury to an item of necessity which helps in making our lives easier. When such an essential tool is lost due to theft or damaged by any accident, substantial funds are spent on repair and replacement.

Hence, it is advised to opt for iPhone insurance, which starts as low as Rs.499, to financially secure yourself against any future expenses towards repair or replacement costs of your iPhone.

What are the features of an iPhone insurance plan?

If you are looking to purchase the best iPhone insurance in India, make sure to check if your desired plan has the following features and benefits –

  1. Handset cover

If your iPhone got stolen or damaged due to an accident, an Apple iPhone insurance policy helps substantially to avail reimbursements and lower the financial troubles in purchasing a new device or repair the damaged handset.

Compared to other parts of your device, the display screen of your iPhone is its most delicate and damage-prone component; which is why it is most likely to get damaged in case of minor accidents. Moreover, touch-sensors of your iPhone can malfunction upon the minimum tear of your iPhone display screen.

So, it is advised to opt for a mobile screen insurance plan from leading insurance providers in our country. For instance, renowned insurance aggregator Bajaj Finserv offers Mobile Screen Insurance policies under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions.

  • Accessories cover

Mobile protection plans also include coverage against smartphone accessories such as its charger. Apple and other smartphone manufacturers advise users to use the specific charger allotted for their device. So, in order to lower your financial worries against replacement or repair costs if your smartphone charger is damaged, you can purchase a mobile charger insurance plan.

iPhone users can also opt for a wireless headphone insurance policy and other accessory covers at affordable premiums to financially secure themselves against any unforeseen accidents in the near future.  However, they can avail these benefits under their iPhone insurance in India only if their handset is stolen or damaged within 30 days of purchase.

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