Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

How to Increase The Lifespan Of Your Printer

Replacing a printer is very expensive. Especially in offices, the printer may easily damage due to regular use. Also, using a faulty printer is even more frustrating. It is essential to care and maintain a new printer to increase its lifespan. The lifespan of a printer depends upon its model, brand and usage. However, here are some notable tips to increase the lifespan of your printer. 

Regular cleaning One of the best ways to extend its life is to clean the printer regularly. You may clean and wipe the exterior of the printer. But, have tired cleaning the interior? Inside the printer dust, dirt and toner can build up very easily. At least once in a month try to clean the interior of the printer. By regular cleaning, you can increase the longevity of the appliance. 

  1. Use the quality cartridges. 

It can be cost-efficient to purchase inexpensive cartridges. But, doing this may cause more internal damage to your printer. Also, you may end up spending more on repairs. Low-quality equipment can leak and cause malfunctions. Therefore, it is wise to purchase excellent quality ink, cartridges or paper for longer use. 

  • Handle the printer carefully. 

The feed tray in printers is always kept open in many offices. This provides convenience to feed the papers manually. However, the feeding tray is made of plastic, and a single bump may damage it. Also, if the tray is open, the dust particle can easily accumulate in the interior. Therefore, smooth and careful handling can help to increase the lifespan of the printer. Here is the list for low budget printers if you are looking to purchase a new one.

  • Use the standby mode option. 

Switching Off the machine very often can damage the printer. This can heat the printer and damage the inside parts. Therefore, if the printer is not in use, you can put it on standby mode. If you are not going to use the printer for several days, then use the switch off button. 

  • Frequently replace the ink system.

Dry ink can cause damages and inconveniences when printing. Dried up ink can cause wear and tear effects on the printer. So, replace the ink immediately when it is finished.

  • Replace the cartridge 

Cartridges are regularly replaced in a printer. If the cartridge is not replaced properly, then it can damage the printer. For proper replacing, you can read the manufacturer guidelines. Also, please do not touch the bottom of the cartridge when replacing it. These small tips can do more to increase the machine’s lifespan. 

  • Reboot the operating system

Similar to a computer, a printer has an operating system. Once in a while, you may receive newer updates or version of the system. Upgrading the system can help to fix bugs and troubleshoot issues. Install the new updates immediately to increase the performance and the life span. 


Regular cleaning and maintenance can enhance the performance of the printer. Also, a durable printer needs normal maintenance once in a while. The above tips are more than enough to extend the lifespan of your printer. 

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