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Top 10 Indian Service Websites Of 2020

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India’s website are more competitive to focus on extending service with public service on various categories. To list down the Top sites is to analyze the search engine results and site utility towards the most searched information on different field’s arvig webmail. A website on online marketing works on most of the searches factors based on the location and search terms. Blogs, Food, Movie, Travel, News, Sports, Health, Business, Mobiles, Entertainment, Education, Career are some of the broad categories that one appeal for support.

There are famous online marketing companies that are linked with the online business search and its analysis.

1. is an internet services based portal on a broad category of pieces of information, founded in the year 1996 with its headquartered located in Mumbai. Rediff web-based email offers unlimited storage space, also available through the free mobile application.

2. is a web portal subsidiary of times of India groups with a broad category of pieces of information. Updates on travel, news, mobile, additional services and shopping with the quick search are the main features.

3. by Sify Technologies Limited is an Internet service provider which was established on 6th October 1998. It’s based on Chennai, has been rated as one among Top ten technology companies world recommended for investment by the Fortune in 1999.

4. called as Bollywood Hungama launched on 15th June 1998, is a commercial site owned by It’s one of the famous filmy entertainment sites that focus on Bollywood news, movie 0123movies reviews, reports on box office covering various issues in the Indian film industry.

5. is the largest matrimonial servicing site found on 30th July, 1996 that connects people to find their life partners. They bring in together all categorize including language, location, case and other such traditional factors.

6. is a job portal found on 16th May, 2000. It helps in providing staffing solution for their clients by connecting the right person for their requirements and candidate’s expectation on various terms of categories of location, salary and designation.

7. is a social website, global, interactive with various beneficial factors the support with classifieds, Yellow pages business search, social media issues and events. It worked online connecting 50 cites in India and was found on 25th February 1998.

8., a news portal found on 14th August 1996 is a quick new update website that gives instant information on various fields that happen all around. Hindustan Times, a daily newspaper that is owned by HT Media Ltd and found in the year 1924.

9. is a maps site that explores India with maps and produces up to date news and issues that happen in every instant all around. It covers all the states, union territories and cities of India.

10. is a travel-based website that includes service towards travel through the flight, and other facilitates one requires to move from one place to another. Flight, cars, hotels, fares, holidays are some of its categories.

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