Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Top applications of 3d printing in the medical field

Many industries have benefitted from 3d printing technology. Among them, the most prominent is the medical field. Due to the affordability, durability, lightweight of products produced, and cost-effectiveness, the field of medicine is using it to its advantage.

    There are various areas inside the medical domain where 3d printing is used. The below is a list of some of them.

Orthopedic implants

3d printing company Singapore helps in creating orthopedic implants that can be easily fit by way of surgery as a replacement for a missing bone or joint.

The benefit of using 3d printing is the creation of better fitting and also long-lasting parts. A range of implants like hip, knee, spine can be done now with a lot of improvements in technology.

It can also produce a large number of implants in one go. Biocompatible materials like titanium are used in 3d printing for orthopedic implants. It is possible to create implants specific to patients. It gets incorporated into the human body without any complications.

Surgical tools

3d printing is very useful in creating enhanced surgical tools that help improve the working of a surgeon. The instruments that can be produced are forceps, scalpel handles, and clamps. They can be more personalized and help the surgeon in achieving better surgery results.

Biocompatible materials are used in 3d printing. Since equipments will be sterilized, metals like stainless steel, nickel alloys, and thermoplastics are used and they can tolerate the sterilization process.


This is another major use of 3d printing technology. Biodegradable nylon is used as a component for making prosthetics. These can be made patient-specific also.

Water-proof prosthetics can also be designed based on the needs of the patient. The exact measurements of the patient can be incorporated in the design of the prosthetics. This helps in achieving a part that best fits the patient. Previously prosthetics in children were difficult as with age they outgrow. But, the low-cost manufacturing has made it possible for making alterations that can be fit in.

In dentistry

The availability of new software and 3d scanners has facilitated the field of dentistry. 3d manufactured dental implants can be used to replace a missing tooth. It helps in getting a more accurate tooth that can fit well. This also saves a lot of time and is very helpful in case of an emergency.

A scan of the patient’s teeth to make a model and 3d print the crown can be easily done with the help of this technology. Braces, surgical guides can also be 3d printed.

Overall, the use of 3d printing in medicine in increasing day by day.

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