Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

What are your own responsibilities while working on an Internet Marketing Campaign?

In the beginning, the approach in digital marketing was the same as in traditional marketing.  We were just using new channels: talking about our products on our website, adding banner ads to other well-known websites and other online publicationsand continuing to sell.  its products in the same way we had always done until then.Over time, marketers realized that digital channels offered an entirely different way of interacting with consumers, and therefore selling products to them, and that required an entirely different approach as well.

When running an internet campaign with Ducima Analytics private limited, it is best to measure the returns. It is not an expense. When done well, it brings you concrete results. You can know if it is interesting since you can follow its results: number of visits, sales figure, calls received…

Your internet marketing requires the same attention as any other strategy. You just need to structure your programs around your goal. You should work with your sales team to see how to assess the results of your campaigns.

The traffic you have on your site is interesting, but it is not the traffic that will keep your business running. You need to understand the hard sellers made through your website. That’s all !

It is interesting to monitor your visits, social networks and the opening rate of your emails. But it is on your end goals that you need to focus.

What should you do now?

Create a web strategy that will position your marketing initiatives around your main business goals. Why not break your project down into different stages that you can control and improve over time? Here’s how to measure your ROI (return on investment).

  • What is the cost of your internet marketing campaigns ?
  • What are the direct returns ?
  • How many contacts and sales did you get?
  • How much can you spend for each contact you get, or new customer you meet?
  • Statistically, what are your returns? Avoid relying on too few results because this too often leads to decisions made on too light evidence.
  • Set yourself checkpoints to analyse the success rate of your campaigns

Set your marketing goals

What are your main goals for the coming months? You want :

  • meet more business opportunities?
  • better demonstrate the interest of your solutions?
  • find more resellers?
  • expand your market by also making yourself known in the surrounding towns? …
  • get more qualified contacts by hosting webinars?
  • invite your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter to make them aware of your offers and promote your activity?
  • always generate more interest to lead to the purchase of your flagship product?
  • accelerate the request for a demonstration or a first meeting?
  • to fill your sales team’s appointment book for the next 2 months? …

Depending on your objectives, emailing, social networks, SEO or even Google Adwords campaigns will be more appropriate.

If you’ve read this entire article, you are seriously considering setting up an internet marketing campaign with Ducima Analytics private limited, or are already active in it. But do you have a clear strategic plan of your goals? What results are you expecting? It is important to know what you want to achieve with your strategy. Big goals are great engines for your business too. Knowing what results you are fighting for will increase your strength tenfold.

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