Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

What do you get after enrolling for CEH training?

Certified Ethical Hacking course provides the overall training in the penetration strategies, tactics, latest technologies, software and stimulus of black hat hackers. Comprehensive and full fledge courses specially targeted to make you aware with the required tactics and skills to enter the world of ethical hacking and cyber security. The CEH course in Abu Dhabi allows aspirants to improve their skills of penetration testing and other ethical hacking progressions. The CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker v10 course aims to train a new professional figure, the ethical hacker, who is dedicated to the defense of corporate IT security, both at the level of large systems, typically business networks and servers, that of micro computers, typically desktop PCs, notebooks and smart phones.

The teaching principle is to learn on the one hand the techniques of computer intrusion and violation and on the other hand the defense methodologies from these same techniques. The context is therefore that of cybersecurity within which to propose a positive professional figure, precisely “ethics”. The hacker itself is the one who has the skills to break into a computer system without authorization. It is precisely to the ethics of the hacker to use this skill for a good purpose, and this aspect is part of this course.

Professionals, who already work as systems engineers or programmers, who aspire to become ethical hackers like enrichment of your portfolio.


Knowledge of the TCP / IP protocol;

– Basic knowledge of Windows operating systems;

– Basic knowledge of Linux operating systems.

The course includes a highly interactive training process in which it will be shown how to perform scanning, testing and hacking their systems to make them safer. The use of laboratories and practical exercises is aimed at giving a in-depth knowledge combined with concrete experience on fundamental security systems.

A first important phase is dedicated to understanding the functioning of perimeter defenses and will be shown and scanning conducted and attacks on their networks.

A second phase is dedicated to learning the techniques used by the intruders for the escalation of privileges and which steps can be implemented to secure a system.

Training for CEH after Pandemic

The aspirants who want to pursue the CEH course in Dubai, must choose the certified and well recognized institution so that you can avoid frauds. All lecturers in charge of CEH courses and trainings are highly qualified and have extensive experience behind them, so each participant will receive the highest quality training and certainly learn everything they need; regardless of they want to learn basic knowledge of the Ethical Hacking or full knowledge of softwares professional ethical hackers use.

The training is currently conducted in a remote version, according to the same program as stationary training, the participants perform the same exercises and the instructor is at the participants’ disposal throughout the training. For training in the remote version, a laptop with any operating system is required (configuration details are provided after confirmation of the application), stable internet and headphones with a microphone.

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