Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Why is having an e-commerce site essential for your business?

Since the beginning of the 2000s, ecommerce website development in India has been constantly growing. If you want your business to also benefit from this market, which reached nearly 100 billion in 2020 in India, you must do everything to seize this opportunity. Starting a web project and promoting your products and services in an online store will allow you to reach a large number of new customers and maximize your business potential.

Today, people are using their laptops, tablets and even smartphones to do more and more things, including online shopping and even selling products on the Internet. Internet users now tend to shop remotely and even manage their business from home! As a seller with an e-commerce site, you can allow your customers to learn about your business, explore your products, and pay online.

Some keys to better understand e-commerce!

In ten years, the e-commerce market has experienced an incredible boom. It went from just over 20 billion in 2009 to nearly 100 billion in 2020! Almost 85% of Indian Internet users order online. So why deprive yourself of such a promising pool of consumers?

The spending of Indian people on the Internet continues to grow, and even if the average basket has fallen, the frequency of purchase and the number of online buyers have increased. The Indian order much more often on e-commerce sites, with an average basket which was around 59 Billion in 2020!

This growth is not about to stop! Today, the Web has become essential in our daily life. You can buy almost anything on the Internet, from everyday consumer goods to services. You can do your shopping, pay your bills, book your vacation and even go through an online booking platform to treat yourself to a blow-dry at home or do your nails!

E-commerce site, essential to develop your business!

Today, it has become essential for a company to have a quality e-commerce site to build customer loyalty and attract new ones to develop its turnover. With an e-commerce site, graphic design services can open up to still unknown markets, even international markets, something that is not possible with a store, even in cities with high potential.

Also, an e-commerce site facilitates customer purchases. They are more easily attracted by your products and services, without intermediaries and without having to travel! Studies show that consumers are more easily tempted on the Internet and that compulsive shopping on the Web is more frequent than in stores.

Another advantage is that your customers have access to your online store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no hourly limits, no employees to pay, and no overtime to pay! You can reduce your costs while increasing your turnover.

Finally, building an e-commerce site allows you to collect, with their consent, the personal data of your visitors. With this information, you can create a customer file and conduct targeted promotions to build customer loyalty.

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