Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Gets Travel Insurance for Safe Travelling

When you are travelling, there is no guarantee on whether or not you will be losing important documents or other essentials. Having a travel insurance plan is solely and mainly for this purpose.

How to get a travel insurance?

1. Essential starting point: time and patience

Making a travel insurance claim is a long process so you need to be realistic about filling in your claim. This isn’t a quick 5-minute job while you’re getting the kids ready for school. This is a proper piece of work. Set aside at least an hour, sometimes more, depending what you’re claiming for, and, crucially, make sure you’re in the mood.

2. Prepare for password rage

There’s every chance your insurance claim will require you to send documents or access accounts that are online. Take a deep breath and if you do change any passwords in the process, make a note of them in a secure place. Sod’s law says that if you don’t, you’ll definitely need to reset them again.

3. Get hold of your insurance policy

The next thing you need to do is get your insurance papers together. It is better assuming that you have access to the internet and email and your internet services will come as a savior for the work that you need to do in order to have a fixed insurance.

4. Find your travel insurance policy number

Assuming you managed to track down your policy, the first bit of information you’re going to need is your policy number. This will be important and is usually quoted in the first batch of communication. It might be your unique claim number for the duration of your insurance claim or you might be given a new, different claim number. Either way, you’ll need your policy number to get started.

5. Grab a note-taking tool

Two of the most frustrating parts of making a travel insurance claim are

1) How long the claim process takes – think months not weeks; and

2) How the insurance company usually waits until all the details have drained from your brain before asking follow-up questions.

6. Figure out the claim process

Typically, travel insurance companies want everything in writing. Although you might have to make a quick call to get the company to send you a claim form, most forms are now available for download or even completion online. It’s worth reading the requirements for how to fill in the form and stick to it. Most companies aren’t hugely strict (blue versus black pen) but find out:

  • what you need to fill in (printed form? online form?); and
  • How you need to submit your claim (by post or can you email)?

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