Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Holiday Fundraising Best Practices for Your Nonprofit

The holidays are a great time to fundraise, as many people consider it the season of giving. Armed with your nonprofit management software, your organization is ready to create its latest campaign.

There are many ways to appeal to the public for donations, especially with the internet. So what is the best approach?

What Types of Campaigns Are Most Effective During the Holiday Season?

The internet becomes especially busy as the holidays near, since people are trying to plan for get-togethers, order gifts and post photos of fun activities. This means you can reach a larger number of people than usual by promoting your campaign online. There are several ways to do so and they’re most effective when used in tandem.

Social Media

Social media usually blows up around the end of the year, making it a two-edged sword when it comes to marketing. On the one hand, there are many active users you can appeal to — on the other hand, you have to compete with more companies, nonprofits and individuals to get your posts seen.

Fortunately, you can target your posts toward demographics that are more likely to give. This allows you to create content that not only elicits giving, but is widely shared.


Search engine optimization is a key part of any online marketing campaign, as it drives more traffic to your website. During the holidays, you should update your webpages with fresh content to appeal to the search engine algorithms. You may also benefit from starting a blog, which offers more SEO opportunities while allowing you to branch out in terms of content.

How You Can Use Non-Profit Management Software To Find Out What Campaigns Where Most Effective?

As you create and adjust your fundraising campaign, you’ll find that database integration software is essential. This technology allows you to track data and use it to its fullest potential without the project becoming labor-intensive. Why is this important? The more efficient your data organization and analysis, the more effective you can make your campaign.

Automate Tasks

One of the most useful things about management software is the ability to automate tasks. This includes tedious jobs such as data integration and formatting. Instead of using valuable employee labor to accomplish these tasks, the software can do it for you, freeing up individuals to tackle bigger problems.

Manage Duplicate Records

Duplicate records can seriously screw up your data, leading to inaccurate results that can skew your fundraising approach. Fortunately, management software can help you identify duplicate records and easily remove them.

Track Scoring

Perhaps most importantly, this technology can help you track how effective different marketing techniques are with different demographics. This information helps you identify what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to change tracks as soon as possible. The result is higher fundraising numbers as you optimize your approach.

Nonprofit data integration is key to making your organization as effective as possible. Not only does it help you create marketing campaigns, but it can help you allocate valuable resources toward more rewarding tasks, rather than getting bogged down in daily operations.

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