Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

What are the Advantages of hiring a Tirupati Taxi?

When planning your trip to Tirupati, you often have a choice to make. How do I plan to travel: on foot, by car, taxi or bus?

Although I recommend the bus when you stay in Tirupati for a long time, this in order to immerse yourself in the city, for short stays (10 to 15 days), I think that the car is a great way to travel. So I’m going to give you the benefits of traveling by car to Tirupati.

There are many solutions for getting around while traveling: stop, bus, train, taxi, etc. and each of its solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. However, car rental is one of the solutions that I use the most and it is for me the best way to get around while traveling.

1. The first big advantage for me is freedom! Yes, with a Tirupati to Chennai Taxi Fare , you will be able to travel without constraint of route and go wherever you want … You can take unique photos and stop where you want, or even cross more isolated villages …

2. The second advantage is that it allows you to travel at your own pace. No need to adapt to bus schedules or have to leave at 5 p.m. so as not to miss the last bus. And it also allows you to stay longer to admire the BalajiDarshan in Tirupati if the day is ideal, or to go early to the volcano to enjoy the best view…

3. Of course, if you rent a car, this allows you to have more comfort: you will not have your knees glued to the neighbor’s front seat, no bus full to bursting, with intense heat. And a car will allow you to transport more equipment (the cooler, food for example). It is also important to have a well-maintained, well-equipped car, with tires in good condition, like tires , especially during the rainy season, to stay on track and avoid doing aquaplaning.

4. I will finish by saying that traveling by car allows you to have a trip of your own, which remains original. And above all, you will learn thanks to the little worries that you will encounter in the country: the language for example, but also the discovery of new signs such as that of the iguana, or even how to fill up with petrol on such a model. Don’t laugh, it happened to me on a trip: 15 minutes figuring out how to open the car’s fuel door; it was finally a resident who showed me (the order was well hidden under the seat). Small mechanical problems will turn into as many anecdotes and memories to tell your friends when you return …

5. The major drawback, on the other hand, is the isolation, the confined space of the car . You can feel isolated from the natives, unlike the tempo traveller in Tirupati where more people can travel. 6. The main advantage of car rental is that you get rid of all time constraints. Indeed, if you travel by bus or train, you will depend on the departure times of these which can sometimes be binding to plan your days or certain visits. This is all the more true with children: the car makes it possible to optimize your movements during naps and you will thus be able to better respect their rhythm.

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