Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

What souvenirs to bring back from European countries

Europe is amazing, and autumn is one of the best seasons to visit European countries, as those unique buildings and cathedrals really shine differently in contrast to the golden leaves or the rainy landscapes. Europe is unique in its diversity, as every nation has its own culture and traditions, which makes us want to bring back something thoughtful, memorable, that will make us remember that trip for a long time. If you need a little help on what souvenirs to bring back from different European countries, here are a few ideas:


Hungary is renowned for palinka, a traditional strong spirit made of fruits such as plumps, pears, apricot, or different berries. It has an alcohol percentage of around 37.5% and it is served cold. You can find it in almost every store and you can get a lovely box of 3, 4, or 6 mini bottles of palinka for around $50. While in Hungary, don’t forget to stack on another renowned Hungarian thing, paprika. This one is far cheaper than palinka, and it can have a sweet, mild, or spicy taste, depending on your tolerance and preferences. Last, but not least, Tokaji wine is very tasty and pretty affordable, so that you can get your friends an amazing wine that won’t take too much off your budget.


While in Ireland, it is impossible not to get yourself an Aran sweater, as this is the exact place where these garments originated from. Although you can buy them almost all over the country, the best option would be to go to the Aran Islands and purchase an authentic local jumper from there, but if you don’t have that chance, you can buy one from a store or check out Tara Irish Clothing for traditional Irish sweaters that will make a great gift for anyone. Another thing that you should consider bringing back from the trip is Irish chocolate, which is one of the tastiest in the world, as it is made with local milk and not some sort of  powdered one. Last, but not least, Guinness or Trinity College merchandise is always a safe bet, as it basically screams Ireland.

Czech Republic

If you plan on visiting Czech Republic, it would be a crime not to bring back beer. As cliché as it may sound, this central European state is nothing less than the very capital of beer, to the point that you can find a glass of beer that would be two times cheaper than milk or even a bottle of water! While there, don’t forget to purchase some Kolonada- traditional crisp round wafers with different fillings, such as chocolate or vanilla. And don’t forget about puppets, as they are incredibly common in Czech Republic. You can find expensive hand-made pieces that will portray not only popular fairytale characters, but also other ones that resemble popular leaders of countries, actors, and singers.

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