Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Different stages of China factory audit

The audit process should break down into a series of stages, some of them can be continuous and others can be performed as “one-off” activities.

Initial evaluation of the supplier

Before doing any business with any other parties, it makes sense to understand who they are and most importantly those they can deliver genuinely on their promises. Many of the people in this developing world may advertise themselves as the representative of the factory but truly they are just a middleman. These types of people often take complete control over the relationship with the production company and cannot resolve the quality issues. So, in China factory audit, it is important to understand that you are making business with a reliable company but not with a middle man.

Social compliance auditing

An important component to deliver products to a bigger market is to ensure that the suppliers can meet specific environmental and ethical standards. Even many big companies with some established policies of using ethical sourcing can fall of failing to audit the supply chain for compliance to such policies. You cannot risk your hard-earned reputation.

Supply chain auditing

Not just the direct partner or the manufacturer that you want to monitor, you need to make sure anyone supplying parts to your partners should meet a certain standard. You need to make sure that all the materials and parts supplied by the chain are perfect and as good as promised in the initial agreements. Chinese manufacturers can use the substituting components for the cheap, low-quality parts or can add toxic materials. You need to make sure that all the suppliers in the chain are reliable to provide you with safe parts.

Product inspections

The samples you have received are perfect but not the actual product- this is the most common defect that can take place when you are outsourcing the supply chain. The build quality of the prototype is good but the lax standard in the production means that the production runs don’t match the actual quality. You can save your money and time by inspecting products during early manufacturing to ensure that the initial process is right. You can inspect the finished products before they are shipped so that corrective actions can be taken early. For a large scale of production, you can conduct the inspection throughout the run so the errors can be resolved immediately and can avoid delays. You may need to have someone check if the rejects are being destroyed according to the contract. Brand management is the most important point for high-value brands. They often care for the trust and the process can the brand from being tarnished.

The factory audit China doesn’t end at the factory end. If you have high value, fragile goods you need to ensure that I am meeting the right requirements for loading, packing, labeling and finally shipping. This is the best way to ensure that your good doesn’t get broken or go missing.

If you follow these steps, you can receive a good quality product as per your standard.

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