Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Equipment Must-Haves For Your Brewery Business

Starting a brewery business is a huge leap of faith especially if you do not have the experience. So before you begin, you must know the equipment that you need to have. It may be brand new or second-hand, what’s important is you have everything ready for your team before you start the production process. So what are the things that you need to invest in? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Malt Mill

This is used to crush grains to prepare them for the next steps. The crushed grains are important for brewing. The finer the grains are, the easier it will be to mash them. Best mashed grains allow more sugars to b extracted during fermentation.

Mash Tun

You will also need a mash tun. This is an insulated, temperature-controlled container that is primarily used to mash the grains during the brewing process. The starches are mixed with water in the mash tun and then heated in order to transform them into sugars.

Filtration Technology

There are different types of filtration technology you can buy in the market these days. The most popular second hand equipment australia are plate filters and candle filters. The filtration step is crucial because this is when the solids are extracted from the liquids before the product is prepared for distribution.

Heat Exchanger

This equipment helps raise and lower the temperature of the wort in order to create a good-tasting beer and prevent contamination. The most common heat exchanger used is the ones that use plates where one side is for the hot liquid and the other brings in cold liquid.

Beer Fermenter

During fermentation, the yeast transforms the sugar into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Choosing the right beer fermenter is crucial for your brewhouse. But remember that fermenters have various goals. So when choosing one, consider your budget, the material used, and the fermenters’ shape and size.


A hydrometer is used in measuring the amount of sugar in the wort. This is always used at the beginning and the end of the fermentation process. This monitors the sugar levels, alcohol content, and determines how well the yeast worked.


This is used like the hydrometer but the difference is, the refractometer requires a smaller amount of sample size. This is a major benefit for some but can be more difficult to use. That is why some would prefer to use a hydrometer than a refractometer.

Brite Tank

Once the beer has fermented, it needs to be stored to mature. And that is what the brite tank is used for. This temperature-controlled container can help quickly carbonate your freshly fermented beer.

Cellar Equipment

This is where the beer is kept before it’s drunk. These are temperature-controlled, safe, and clean and should be near a water supply. The cellar equipment will ensure that the beer is stored properly for later use.

A brewery business is one of the most challenging to do. But if you know what you are getting yourself into, starting with the equipment that you must have during production, the process would be so much easier for you. So make sure that you have all these ready beforehand. If brand new is not an option, then you can go for second-hand equipment instead.

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