Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Harris Kreichman – 6 Key Factors Small Businesses Should Consider When Launching Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a promotional campaign which business owners launch in the market to increase sales. It involves sending commercial email messages to the inbox of their online targeted audience. In doing so, owners interact with their customers by publishing newsletters, conducting surveys, and reviewing requests. Only then can they create awareness for their products, strengthen customer loyalty, and attract new online buyers.  In some cases, they even use this advertising platform to make the announcement of special events. These include new product launches and end-of-season sales offers. Owners can generate profits equivalent to twice their investment if their campaigns on this platform succeed.

Harris Kreichman – What should business owners consider before an email marketing campaign?

Harris Kreichman is a marketing executive from America who specializes in email marketing and media buying. He has a wealth of experience which exceeds two decades in direct and digital marketing. He is even the proud recipient of the Certified Association of National Advertisers Award. He is the brainchild behind the establishment of eTargetMedia, one of the country’s top email marketing companies. In fact, he is responsible for its phenomenal expansion in all verticals within the industry. Today, he holds the position of managing partner in the company. Prior to this, he has held important posts in companies like Equifax Marketing Services and Lens Express. He is also an active donor to numerous social and military charities.

When it comes to email marketing, he says it can help small business owners secure a strong foothold in the market. They will be able to attract a large online targeted audience to their brand products. In some cases, they even outperform large companies with immense resources at their disposal. Moreover, they are able to do so on a shoe-string budget, unlike conventional advertising channels. Within a short time, they will see a significant increase in operating revenue and bottom-line profits. Yet, they need to consider the following factors when launching a promotional campaign on this platform:

  • First, business owners need to have a comprehensive database of their customers and their latest email addresses;
  • They should personalize the email messages according to the taste and preference of their online targeted audience;
  • The owners should pay special attention to the subject matter of email messages they send to their customers;
  • The messages to their online customers should be concise, clear, direct and appeal to them;
  • The landing page within the messages should work without any difficulty when customers click on it; and
  • Owners should use all the relevant analytic tools to assess their campaign’s performance

Harris Scott Kreichman concludes by saying email marketing proves to be an inexpensive yet powerful advertisement platform for business owners. They can easily promote their brand products to a large online targeted audience with it. Before doing so, they need an exclusive database of their customers and their current email addresses. The messages they send should be concise, direct, and according to their online buyers’ tastes. Moreover, they should ensure that the subject matter of these messages is clear enough to immediately capture their customers’ attention. Even the landing pages within the messages should work flawlessly without any broken links for success!

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