Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

How useful are mobile apps in the hotel industry?

Smartphones have taken over the world by storm. There is nothing you cannot do with the help of a smartphone. With the help of apps, hotels have been able to take care of table ordering and reservation management.

  • With digital technology gaining vast momentum everyone has access to a smartphone and, according to the statistics over on Cell Phone Deal, app usage accounts for around 90% of our screen time. Therefore, it makes sense for hotels to have an app for guests to use. For example, with an app for table reservations, guests can sit in the comfort of their homes or office and complete the dinner reservation process. Every detail about the restaurant is available through the various filters that the customers can choose. The type of food available, the customizations they can make, arrangements for a small party, service time, etc are some details that people look for. When these are available through the app, it provides a great experience for customers.
  • Reservation through the app can benefit the customers in the form of discounts too. There are several hotels that are making use of apps as a means to induce more customers. With an increased number of customers, they can pass on the benefit to them as discounts and offers when a reservation is done through the app. This way you can see more people becoming new customers of your hotel.
  • The apps are highly beneficial from the point of view of the hotel too. They can avoid queues during rush hours since most of the booking is done through the app. By doing this they are able to provide a better experience to the guests. No waiting time and increased service efficiency are some important aspects to look into here. The app lets the customers know the number of tables that are available and so there is no chance of disappointment when they come in person. They can be assured of table ordering and reservation management when they book through the app and they can straight go to their table as soon as they arrive.
  • Many loyalty programs can be hosted through the apps. The apps can also be used as a platform to gather customer experience and feedback. It will be a fixed place where all customer reviews can be looked into. This way it is very useful for prospective customers also since they can have an idea about the hotel and its reservation system when they look into the app.
  • The mobile app can also be used by the hotel as a means of promoting its brand. It becomes very easy for communicating with the clients. So efficient marketing of your services can be done.

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