Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Legionella Risk Assessment Guide For Business Owners

Water is a necessity for humans! Life can come to a standstill without an adequate supply of clean, drinkable water that you can also use for different daily chores. Hence, it is more of a duty of the business owners to keep the tanks and other water storage systems in their offices clean. It will keep the staff safe from various diseases and will eventually improve the productivity of the company.

One such bacteria that grows in water and can turn fatal for humans is legionella. Inhaling or consuming it in any manner can lead to health complications which can turn dangerous in the long run. That is why; every business owner stresses legionella risk assessment and takes necessary actions at the right time to keep the employees safe from this health challenge.

Legal Obligations

It is a legal obligation for the owners to carry out risk assessments for legionella on their property. Even if they feel that their property is small enough to face any risk of this waterborne bacteria, they have to carry out proper checking procedures, following the legal regulations. There are different organisations or teams that they can hire to help with the risk assessment and to do necessary things to curb the growth of these bacteria.

Let us understand the areas that are at a higher risk of contamination.

Where Can Legionella Grow?

The bacterial growth can happen in the following areas:

  • Water storage systems in which the water stays in stagnant or still condition. As water doesn’t circulate, the growth of bacteria elevates.
  • areas where the temperature of the water is between 20 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Water droplets produced by the showerheads or the whirlpool heads can also cause these bacteria to grow.
  • The properties that are empty or unused for a longer period of time can also lead to legionella bacterial growth.

What Health Conditions Can Happen?

This bacterial growth can lead to complicated health risks. If its growth doesn’t get curbed on time, the results can also be life-threatening. Hence, the legionella risk assessment is essential if a business owner doesn’t want its staff to fall prey to:

  • High fevers take all the strength away from the body.
  • Coughing and sneezing seem like a viral infection.
  • Headaches that feel suffocating and give a feeling of nausea.
  • Shortness of breath, which can choke a person

These health issues are minor in the beginning but can turn fatal if left unattended. Thus, it is essential to follow the protocols to keep the water storage systems clean and hygienic. Furthermore, the business owners should also take necessary steps for risk assessments. They should also plan actions to avoid any bacterial growth.

It is vital to choose the best service provider for the entire process, working efficiently and yielding fruitful results.

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