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Ten Things To Consider When Immigrating to The UK

If a person follows the UK immigration news, he/she may already know that there are various kinds of visas one can apply for migrating to the UK. Among all these categories of visa, the easiest one to get is the standard visitor visa UK.

Features of Standard Visitor Visa

  • This Visa is also known as Tourist Visa. This allows an individual to travel to the UK for any business, urgent medical treatment, or, just leisure.
  • The Visitor Visa UK allows an individual to stay in the UK for a maximum period of 6 months. However, the maximum limit of stay can be increased up to 12 months under certain circumstances, like if the individual is an academic on leave and wishes to visit the UK to perform research.
  • The standard visitor visa UK allows a visitor to take part in the following activities as guided by the Visitor’s Rule,
  • The individual can study in the UK for up to 30 days, provided study being not the main purpose of his/her visit.
  • He/she can participate in educational visits.
  • The individual is eligible to be a part of an educational exchange program if he/she is a minor.
  • The individual is allowed to get through other countries in transit to visit other locations.
  • The visitor visa UK restricts an individual from the followings;
  • The individual is not allowed to do any paid/unpaid job.
  • The individual is not allowed to register any civil partnership or, marry.
  • The individual is not eligible for receiving any public funds in any situation.
  • The individual is not allowed to frequently visit under this Visa and thus stay for a longer time in the UK.
  • The cost of Visitor Visa UK depends on the duration for which the visa has been applied as mentioned below,
  • £95 – For 6 months
  • £361 – For 2 years
  • £655 – For 5 years
  • £822 – For 10 years

Following are 10 important points to remember when immigrating to the UK,

UK Citizenship through marriage

Though marrying a UK citizen qualifies one for applying naturalisation but does not ensure automatic citizenship. In case a civil partnership or, marriage is established then, one must get a spouse visa to live and work in the UK. The naturalisation process may begin after three years of living on the spouse visa.

Ancestry Visa

Individuals born and staying in the Commonwealth countries can apply for an ancestry visa for the UK provided one of his/her grandparents was born there.

Sponsorship Visa

One can apply to any of the Tier 2 companies in the UK and if get selected in the process then becomes eligible for a sponsorship visa sponsored by the employer in the UK.

Irish Ancestry Visa

If an individual’s any of the grandparent was born in Ireland, then he/she becomes eligible for applying for this visa.

Avoid an overstay on your visa at any cost

If an individual is visiting the UK on a visitor’s visa and does the mistake of overstaying the allowable limit, then it is a serious breach of UK immigration laws. This will invariably cancel your future visa applications. Violators need to wait for 10 years for his/her next visa from the date of the infringement.

Requirement of good character

The UK immigration office must consider an individual is having a good character to consider him/her for future citizenship. The unfavourable conditions include terrorism to mere dishonesty.

Absence before application

UK immigration has specified the maximum limit of absence accepted before the application for naturalisation process.

Student Visa

If a student is applying for this visa then he/she must show enough money in the account to bear tuition fees and living expenses in the UK.

Test for the UK

Two tests are mandatory for any individual applying for ILR in the UK; English Language Settlement Tests and Life in the UK test.

Consult immigration services

People having little or no knowledge about migration are advised to consult the best immigration solicitors in the UK for experiencing a smooth visa application process.

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