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What are the other types of roadway traffic barriers?

When there is a company that is in need to complete a project. Which talks about traffic control and safety are a top priority. The companies will make sure about the safety of their employees. Those that are working on the pedestrians, roadside, and motorists that are passing through the road. It only means that they need to have the equipment to be effective. And to avoid any accidents especially for construction projects. It is happening on highways or any high-speed road. You can use these different types of road safety barrier systems on a roadway project. That you might want to use when there is construction.

Concrete barriers

Throughout the years the construction companies depend on these concrete barriers. When there is a roadside operation going on. The concrete barriers are strong and long-lasting. These barriers are not portable so when you want to move or rearrange them. It is hard to happen. These kinds of barriers need massive effort and installation time. And because it is colored gray the drivers might not be able to see it clearly. That is why they are painting it to be visible.

Longitudinal Channelizing Devices

The LCDs were made in the year 2000 to become an alternative to the concrete barriers. The materials that are made of LCDs are from high-density polyethylene. And it is fill in with water. The purpose of putting an LCDs that is to moderate the damage of a car accident. LCDs also have different sizes and shapes. When it is in the middle of the road they are forming a line connecting together. They sometimes are in a bright color so the drivers will see them from afar.

Pedestrian barricades

It is a kind of barricade that is being used by parking garages, schools, and outdoor events.  It is controlling the flow of pedestrian traffic in that certain area. Pedestrian barriers are made of invisible colors. So when it’s nighttime and other weather conditions they are able to see it. You can put it on the pedestrian barricades to make sure safety and visibility in that certain place.

Plastic pedestrian barriers

The pedestrian barriers are made of strong and lightweight polyurethane plastic materials. These plastic pedestrians are perfect for crowd control. It is because of its UV resistant, modular design and it is easy to move. It is mostly used because it is easy to deploy and it has a twisting feed at the bottom of it. Which can be easily set up and kept easily. When you use this it will save you more time. It is perfect for any situation given.

Traffic cones

You can see these every day at highways, construction sites, and active roadways. It is because it’s portable and easy to store. These traffic cones are stackable, lightweight, and strong. It is made of polyethylene plastic. It can endure any weather conditions and direct heat from the sun all day. It also has different shapes and sizes. You can choose what type of traffic cones that you need to use for certain situations.

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