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Get to know more about brain tumour

The brain tumour is the growth of abnormal cells in the brain. There are different

The brain tumour is the growth of abnormal cells in the brain. There are different kinds of brain tumours, which you can come across. Among them, some are non-cancerous, while others are cancerous. It may begin from your brain or any other parts of the body. It may also affect the functions of the nervous system. Its treatment depends upon the type of brain tumour, along with size and location.

Primary symptoms of brain tumour

  1. Headaches which are of different types and patterns.They may also become severe after some time.
  2. Nausea along with vomiting
  3. Vision problems may arise, such as blurred and double vision.
  4. Difficulty in movement of arm or leg
  5. Difficult to balance
  6. Difficulty in speech
  7. Change in behaviour of the person
  8. Difficulty in hearing.

There are many hospitals which provide the option of brain tumour surgery in India where many patients can take advantage of the same.  It can occur both in adults and children. A common type of brain tumour in an adult is astrocytoma and in children is medulloblastoma.

Two types of brain tumours

  1. Primary brain tumours- This type of brain tumour can be easily removed, and they will not grow again. These types of tumours have a border along with edge. They can easily invade tissues around them. One of the best features of these tumours is that they cannot spread to other parts of the body. These types of tumours can easily press on sensitive areas and also cause some severe problems. It can also turn into cancer.
  • Malignant brain tumours- It contains cancer cells. They are more severe and a threat to life. They generate and invade into healthy brain tissue.

Different grades in brain tumours

Grade 1- These cells look like normal brain cells, and they grow very slowly.

Grade 2- These cells look like normal cells of the brain and may not grow and spread.

Grade 3– These cells are different from healthy cells, and they grow actively in the brain.

Grade 4- These cells look like abnormal cells, and they will tend to grow more quickly in the brain.

It is important to note that cells from low-grade tumours look more normal, and they will grow slowly than high-grade tumours. These low grades tumours can easily become high-grade tumours.  Most of the high-grade tumours are seen in adults than in children.

In a Nutshell:

Thus, we have come across different types of brain tumours which can affect the human brain. Apart from that, you will also come across many health institutions where you will get the best treatment for a brain tumour in India. Brain Tumour treatment is a critical process, so make sure you choose your surgeon and hospital wisely. If you are a healthcare traveller, and unaware of the top medical facilitators in India approach Denesa Health, a medical tourism company. They will help you to avail the result-oriented treatment under a highly experienced professional at a reasonable price.

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