Sat. Dec 4th, 2021


October month brings along the essence of the fall season with withered leaves on the ground and chilly winds. And we simply can’t wait to bring out all the long boots and all the shoes with different designs. People who usually go for shoes on a bright sunny day are also spotted wearing packed shoes as soon as winters hit the temperature causing fallout.

What is the concept of styling shoelaces?

For a normal person, owning a pair of normal shoes means pairing it with every random outfit that you pick for the day. But have you paid heed to the styling concept that compliments both shoes and dress? If you put yourself in the shoes of someone who is an avid fashion lover, he or she would go for the shoe accessories too.

Shoes and shoelaces are overlooked accessories that deserve equal attention. When there is nothing much that you can do to style your shoes, the shoelace is the only element with which you can experiment.

Types of shoelaces that can be styled 

 Most of the shoes have laces of different shapes and sizes. And you can use them with any pair or design to give a stylish look. There are a few common types of shoelaces that are styled with different designs.

  1. Nylon shoelaces
  2. Cotton shoelace
  3. Polyester shoelaces and more!

The above-listed types of laces are the most common ones paired with shoes like canvas, formal, or simply sneakers.

Basic things that you need to style the shoelaces 

Styling shoes with laces is no rocket science. All you need is some basic fashion creativity and the required materials. Once you have all the essentials, proceed ahead.

  • If you are going for the laces that would be added separately then work on the color combination. You can either go with the laces provided with shoes or buy according to your design.
  • Work on the style you are picking to tie your laces.
  • If you are someone who walks quite fast then try to choose laces that are not too long or thick or else they might get loose.
  • Prefer your comfort level over fashion and that too always! Touch and examine the laces before buying and make sure they are not too hard to make your shoes a bit uncomfortable.

Types of lacing styles 

Apart from the several varieties of laces, there are even different hacks and ways of designing one single type of lace. Scroll down to find more.

  • You can simply create a zigzag design to style your laces.
  • Forgiving a subtle and neat look, you can tie them straight without any much effort.
  • If you are styling your laces for the shoes to wear at work with a strict dress code then keep it simple.
  • For the shoes that you keep for a workout, try to tie the knot quite tight to avoid the grip loosening.

Shoelaces and its different designs is so much more than a normal shoe tied up with laces. Hopefully, these simple tips would inspire people to tie laces differently.  

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