Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

How iGaming Will Soon Look Like

iGaming is a colossal industry that consists of thousands of online casinos, sports betting operators, and other games of fortunes. With millions of employees and millions more in players, this industry is sure to continue growing for the next few years.

Recent changes in the global economy have taken effect on the iGaming business. Like many other fields in the industry, iGaming will also look different in the future.

Changes will appear mostly in the payment process. While until recent global changes, many of the leading iGaming institutions have accepted mainly credit cards, now the primary income comes from e-wallets. The reason for this change is the UK government deciding to ban all credit cards used in the iGaming industry. And until further notice, they will not release this ban.
The big winners are, of course, the e-wallet companies—for example, Klarna. Klarna is an e-wallet that has grown a lot in recent years and recently is gaining popularity among gaming enthusiasts. Klarna online casinos are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the web, as well as sports betting operators and others.

It comes to no surprise as players will continue finding solutions to governments restrictions, as they always have.

It’s useless to try and persuade someone from doing something by giving them more restrictions. If you want to restrict the iGaming popularity in your country, it has to come from a place of more informative content and responsibility culture.

We beleive in responsible gaming and wish everyone out there to always stay in control over their iGaming. However, many governments prefer to take over and going head-on against their citizens, which in turn, will always find a way to do to what they want. 

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