Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

How AWS infrastructure can leads your business to the success?

In a traditional infrastructure, the implementation of a new application in an IS is divided into a succession of many tedious steps and with often long deployment times For know more about technology. Once identified, purchased, delivered, installed and configured in the corporate network these devices are ready to receive the target application. The last step is to install the application then maintain it in operational condition, and follow it during its life cycle.

4 advantages of an AWS infrastructure:

  • Business Focus  : cyber security course in Qatar allows companies to get rid of this tedious and expensive part of setting up the application. You only focus on directly integrating your application into the public cloud.
  • Agility  : on AWS you only pay for what you consume. The equipment is elastic, can be resized on the fly, vertically or horizontally. There is no commitment or cancellation fee.
  • The efficient tailor-made  : The AWS platform is programmable. This means that we can automate the creation, installation, and configuration of an application on a typical server. It is also possible to automatically size an infrastructure according to the network use of a web server, for example. This elasticity makes it possible to deploy an infrastructure anywhere in the world, in a few seconds, and to benefit from more than 90 different services (virtual machines, BDD servers, storage, etc.)
  • Security: AWS course in London has also been designed with security as a major asset. In addition to native network protection, there are many services that allow you to refine the configuration of the subscribed services, to filter access, in a simple and efficient way. 

Why choose an AWS partner?

Expertise, Support and Service.

By choosing a certified AWS partner, you benefit from our expertise to take your first steps in the public cloud. This new world, we help you to discover it thanks to a free POC. Do you want to test the cloud before outsourcing your critical applications? Fill in your details and we will get back to you quickly.

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